Hungry for History is a collaborative venture for all schools nationwide. It aims to instil a love of history in children of all ages and to encourage renewed passion and enthusiasm in the teaching and learning of the subject that is the greatest teacher of us all.


The campaign takes its inspiration and platform from the

major approaching commemorations of the Great War, World War II and the Battle of Waterloo. On the eve of a unique time of commemoration and reflection, now seems a particularly poignant moment for 'Hungry for History' to engage with young people and encourage a renewed appetite for the subject, which has been lacking in recent years.


The vision for 'Hungry for History' is to encourage schools to share commemorative ideas, share commemorative events and forge links with one another. The campaign seeks to feed into all schools in the state and independent sectors and hopes that it will bring together teachers and children who are passionate about the subject.


The venture aims to help bring history alive and make it an adventure for children of all ages by encouraging them to help mastermind the operation through in-house school committees.


A group of Lead Ambassadors is helping to coordinate it including Wellesley House, Harrow, Wellington College, Uppingham and The King’s School, Canterbury.


It has the support of organisations such as The Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Waterloo 200. We also have the endorsement of historians such as Professor Sir Hew Strachan, Dan Snow, Peter Snow, Dr David Starkey and Simon Sebag Montefiore.


Our website aims to serve as a central platform for inspiration and information for schools nationwide alongside our social media network @HforH


The campaign was born from a project to archive the history of Wellesley House School in Kent.  Simon O’Malley, Headmaster, explains: “Unearthing and archiving the history of our school has inspired us to develop ‘Hungry for History’. What is so marvellous for us in Kent is the extraordinary wealth of history here and that is why we felt we had the geographical provenance to spearhead this national campaign.


We want children to learn about their local history and take pride in it. We want this campaign to grow and develop in the direction the children and schools want to take it.


We want children to open their eyes and gain a hunger for history. Through curiosity, discussion, outdoor classrooms, linking up with other schools and participation in commemorations, we can help foster and suffuse a love of history's rich stories.”

"Obviously I believe that history has the capacity to spark a pupil's imagination, and I know too how supportive teaching both lights the fire and sustains it.  Military history in particular has a special purchase: it revolves around events that can shape national histories and the shock of battle makes unusual demands on the empathy of the student."

We want children to help us mastermind this venture.  We want this campaign to grow and develop in the direction the children want to take it. We would like schools to encourage children to get involved by creating a “Hungry for History’ committee of students of all ages to work together and discuss commemorative ideas, commemorative events, outdoor classrooms, competitions etc.


If possible, we would like schools to set up activities that could link in the local area or their partner schools to inform them of what is happening. We want to encourage children to learn about their local history to encourage local pride.


Through discussion and collaboration, we hope these committees will develop a series of skill sets and allow them to leave their own lasting legacy from the commemorations

To instil a love of history in children of all ages


To coax history learning into an adventure


To harness children's natural curiosity


To promote discovery


To take inspiration from the major commemorations


To foster an emphasis on commemoration and reflection -  for children to understand the sacrifice of others


To bring history alive and inspire the young generation of today


To motivate the children to put their own unique stamp on the commemorations


To strike a chord with those concerned about the lack of appetite in history as a subject


To inspire children to leave their own legacy


To encourage schools to share ideas and forge links with other like-minded schools


To advocate learning about local history and therefore encouraging local pride


To enable children to see that they are ‘part of something bigger than oneself’


To let the campaign grow in the direction the children and schools want to take it

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