“Great historic events form part of our cultural memory even if we were not present to witness them. They are part of our national story and the catalyst for understanding our place in the world. The Battle of Waterloo is one of these great events and a defining moment in European history. Reaching out to younger generations is essential if its significance is to be recognised and understood and the Hungry for History campaign is an invigorating way of achieving this legacy, not only for Waterloo but for other great historic events as well.”

Thanet Gazette22-Jun-2015

Broadstairs: Video Waterloo 200 Commemorations http://www.thanetgazette.co.uk/VIDEO-Broadstairs-Waterloo-200-Commemorations/story-26743939-detail/story.html .. Read More

The Telegraph22-Jun-2015

Battle of Waterloo procession: two men in britches bring home news of victory 200 years on, historical re-enactors paraded through London to deliver news of victory at Waterloo to the Princess Royal http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/battle-of-waterloo/11689863/Battle-of-Waterloo-procession-two-men-in-britches-bring-home-news-of-victory.html .. Read More

BBC News21-Jun-2015

Waterloo 200th anniversary: Victory dispatch arrival re-enacted http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33215599 .. Read More

BBC News20-Jun-2015

Wellington's Waterloo dispatch arrives at Broadstairs http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-33211533 .. Read More

Kent Life01-Jun-2015

Hungry for History- 2015 marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, a vital turning point in world history and one that has been taken up enthusiastically in Kent, particularly in Broadstairs http://www.kent-life.co.uk/home/hungry_for_history_1_4082247 .. Read More

Conference and Common Room Summer 201518-May-2015

‘A damned nice thing…’ And a defining moment in European history Read more on Pages 37 and 38 http://www.johncatt.com/downloads/ccr52_2/offline/download.pdf.. Read More

The Thanet Gazette12-May-2015

10 children have the chance to join Broadstairs Waterloo commemorations Read more: http://www.thanetgazette.co.uk/Children-win-chance-war-ship-Viking-Bay-Waterloo/story-26480711-detail/story.html#ixzz3ZunstnEt .. Read More

KELSI - provided by Kent County Council07-May-2015

Waterloo 200 launches a unique national schools’ competition Waterloo 200, together with Hungry for History, is seeking to challenge students to define their 100 defining historical moments in the last 200 years http://www.kelsi.org.uk/news-and-events/news/primary/waterloo-200-launches-a-unique-national-schools-competition KELSI is an online resource for educat.. Read More

Waterloo 200/National Army Museum07-May-2015

Education and schools involvement in the New Waterloo Dispatch and the Waterloo Parade on The Mall, London http://www.nam.ac.uk/waterloo200/about/the-new-waterloo-dispatch-2015/.. Read More

Kent Life05-May-2015

Peter Snow re-enacts the Battle of Waterloo with some willing volunteers from schools including Wellesley House, acting as Prusssian, French and British troops... http://www.kent-life.co.uk/home/hungry_for_history_1_4059371 .. Read More

The Hub - The Education Network for Waltham Forest27-Apr-2015

The Battle of Waterloo bicentenary commemorations - how your school can be involved https://thehub.walthamforest.gov.uk/news/battle-waterloo-bicentenary-commemorations-how-your-school-can-be-involved.. Read More

The New Waterloo Dispatch - Schools Involvement24-Apr-2015

Would you like your school to get involved in the New Waterloo Dispatch - read more here: http://thenwd.org.uk/events/england/.. Read More

The New Waterloo Dispatch Education24-Apr-2015

The Timeline 200 Competition - Read more at: http://thenwd.org.uk/education/timeline-200/.. Read More

NAHT Edge21-Apr-2015

National competition calls for students’ defining moments in history. Read more at: https://www.nahtedge.org.uk/Newsandviews/Newslisting/Newsarticles/TabId/565/ArtMID/1325/ArticleID/1462/National-competition-calls-for-students%E2%80%99-defining-moments-in-history.aspx.. Read More

Echo Chamber Uncut20-Apr-2015

Waterloo 200 launches a unique cross-curricular national schools’ competition: TIMELINE 200 https://educationechochamberuncut.wordpress.com/2015/04/20/timeline-200-a-national-schools-competition/ (https://educationechochamberuncut.wordpress.com/2015/04/20/timeline-200-a-national-schools-competition/).. Read More

The Thanet Gazette14-Apr-2015

BROADSTAIRS will take centre stage on Saturday June 20 for the 200th commemoration of the Battle of Waterloo. Read more at http://www.thanetgazette.co.uk/Broadstairs-major-role-Battle-Waterloo/story-26332254-detail/story.html#xgUW9ooattpox2U7.99 (BROADSTAIRS will take centre stage on Saturday June 20 for the 200th commemoration of the Battle of Waterloo. Read more at http://www.thanetg.. Read More

Bloomberg News13-Apr-2015

(http://www.bloomberg.com/research/markets/news/article.asp?docKey=600-201503250423M2______EUPR_____ad57000001fff8f2_3600-1) Waterloo 200 launches a unique national schools' competition: TIMELINE 200 (http://www.bloomberg.com/research/markets/news/article.asp?docKey=600-201503250423M2______EUPR_____ad57000001fff8f2_3600-1) http://www.bloomberg.com/research/markets/news/article.asp?.. Read More

Ed Quarter Magazine13-Apr-2015

Timeline 200 competition launched Waterloo 200 have joined with Hungry for History to challenge schoolchildren across the UK to determine 100 defining moments. Read more at: http://edquarter.com/Article/timeline-200-competition-launched .. Read More

Independent Education Today (IE Today)13-Apr-2015

Timeline 200 competition launched Waterloo 200 have joined with Hungry for History to challenge schoolchildren across the UK to determine 100 defining moments. Read more at http://ie-today.co.uk/Article/timeline-200-competition-launched.. Read More

HM Lord-Lieutenant of Kent08-Apr-2015

Please see the link for more information on the New Waterloo Dispatch in Kent and Hungry for History's involvement: http://www.kent-lieutenancy.org.uk/waterloo-200-commemorations-talk-17th-march-2015/.. Read More

Waterloo 200 and the New Waterloo Dispatch01-Apr-2015

The New Waterloo Dispatch reaching out to young people http://www.nam.ac.uk/waterloo200/about/the-new-waterloo-dispatch-2015/.. Read More

Isle Magazine Spring 201531-Mar-2015

The New Waterloo Dispatch in Broadstairs on Saturday, 20th June 2015 Read More on Page 18 at http://www.islemagazine.co.uk/.. Read More

Source Wire24-Mar-2015

Waterloo 200 launches a unique national schools’ competition: TIMELINE 200: http://www.sourcewire.com/news/86647/waterloo-200-launches-a-unique-national-schools-competition-timeline-200#.VTaOzhPF9Q8.. Read More

QA Education23-Mar-2015

Waterloo 200 launches a unique national schools’ competition: TIMELINE 200 Read more at http://www.qaeducation.co.uk/timeline-200/.. Read More

School House Magazine23-Mar-2015

Waterloo 200 Launches National Schools' Competition to Define History Read more at http://schoolhousemagazine.co.uk/education/academia/history/waterloo-200-launches-national-schools-competition-to-define-his (http://schoolhousemagazine.co.uk/education/academia/history/waterloo-200-launches-national-schools-competition-to-define-his).. Read More

The Chairman's Blog, Waterloo 20022-Mar-2015

Hungry for History March 22, 2015 - The Chairman of Waterloo 200 in Chairman's Blog (http://www.nam.ac.uk/waterloo200/category/chairmans-blog/), Conversations with the General (http://www.nam.ac.uk/waterloo200/category/conversations-with-the-general/) http://www.nam.ac.uk/waterloo200/hungry-for-history/.. Read More

Waterloo 200 Educational News20-Mar-2015

Waterloo 200 (http://www.nam.ac.uk/waterloo200/about-waterloo-200/), in partnership with Hungry for History (http://www.hungryforhistory.info/), is seeking to challenge schoolchildren from across the UK to determine their 100 defining moments in history of the last 200 years, from 1815-2015. Read more at http://www.nam.ac.uk/waterloo200/waterloo-200-launches-a-unique-national-schools-competiti.. Read More

BBC South East17-Mar-2015

An Audience with Peter Snow in Canterbury 22mins in... http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b054xn3z/south-east-today-17032015.. Read More

QA Education16-Mar-2015

An Audience with Dan Snow at the House of Commons http://www.qaeducation.co.uk/london-schools-eager-to-take-part-in-waterloo-commemorations-at-an-audience-with-dan-snow/.. Read More

Evening Standard04-Mar-2015

London Schools: An Audience with Dan Snow at the House of Commons .. Read More

Canterbury Times31-May-2014

City's role in Battle of Waterloo commemorations in June 2015 Read more at http://www.canterburytimes.co.uk/Broadstairs-major-role-Battle-Waterloo/story-21132862-detail/story.html#6yDucLmog4i0o9UA.03 .. Read More

Country Life31-May-2014

Clive Aslet's Town Mouse on Broadstairs and the Battle of Waterloo Commemorations in 2015 Read more at http://www.countrylife.co.uk/blogs/article/532492/Town-mouse-on-Broadstairs.html.. Read More

Isle of Thanet Gazette16-May-2014

Highlights of the Waterloo 200 Educational Talk to schools in Kent hosted by Hungry for History at Wellesley House School, Broadstairs. This was followed by a dinner hosted by The Empire Room, Royal Harbour Hotel, Ramsgate with distinguished guests such as the Lord Lieutenant of Kent, Dr David Starkey and Amanda Cottrell, Chairman of Visit Kent Read more at http://www.thanetgazette.co.uk/Broa.. Read More

Wellesley House School16-May-2014

Hungry for History hosts a Waterloo 200 Educational Talk for Schools in Kent at one of its Lead Ambassador Schools, Wellesley House School, Broadstairs Kent with distinguished guests such as the Lord Lieutenant of Kent, Dr David Starkey, Amanda Cottrell, Chairman of Visit Kent. Read more, including words of support from the Lord Liuetenant at http://www.wellesley.kent.sch.uk/news?a=196.. Read More

Isle of Thanet Gazette04-May-2014

Hungry for History is organising an educational talk for schools in Kent in order that Waterloo 200 can outline how schools can become actively involved in the bicentenary commemorations of June 2015 and to highlight what educational material is available for the classrooms. The talk is from 6.30-7.30 on 13 May at Wellesley House School, Broadstairs. Read more at Educational Talk (http://www... Read More

Isle Magazine Spring 201424-Apr-2014

An overview of Hungry for History is shown on Page 74 of Isle Magazine's Spring 2104 Edition... Isle Magazine (http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?pbid=3dfc40ff-525b-4024-b636-7a046db1d70c).. Read More

School Life Spring 191408-Apr-2014

Country Life's biannual magazine focusing on independent schools,School Life has just been published for Spring 2014. The Hungry for History Campaign is highlighted under "School Noticeboard" entitled "Eating up History" See the article at http://httpublish.polestar-group.com/pt/ipc/csl/cslspring14/index.aspx Read more at http://www.countrylife.co.uk/articl.. Read More

Independent School Parent07-Feb-2014

Hungry for History is inspiring school children to delve back into the past. (http://www.independentschoolparent.com/education-news/hungry-for-history-campaign-and-competition-for-schools).. Read More

School House Magazine07-Feb-2014

Hungry for History Coverage in the the following: Editor's Letter, Prep School News, the Memorable Times feature and in an article by Major General Sir Evelyn Webb Carter KCVO OBE, Chairman of Waterloo 200 (http://www.schoolhousemagazine.co.uk/mag/download/archive) .. Read More

School House Magazine07-Feb-2014

Hungry for History featured in Time (lines) for History Feature (http://www.schoolhousemagazine.co.uk/features/education/issues/timelines-for-history).. Read More

Good Schools Guide16-Jan-2014

Headmaster's hopes for 2014 (http://goodschoolsguide.createsend1.com/t/ViewEmail/j/383DE02328C9899E/E6A5521B0E46AA932540EF23F30FEDED).. Read More

Private Schools Revealed Magazine06-Jan-2014

‘Hungry for History’ campaign gets underway (http://www.ps-magazine.co.uk/?p=543).. Read More

Canterbury Times13-Dec-2013

King's School gets Hungry for History (http://www.canterburytimes.co.uk/City-pupils-join-campaign-adventures-history/story-20313949-detail/story.html).. Read More

Attain Magazine05-Dec-2013

'Hungry for History' Launch Wellesley House School launch new history initiative (http://www.attainmagazine.co.uk/news/story/4112).. Read More

The Independent Association of Prep Schools05-Dec-2013

Hungry for History Launch (https://www.iaps.org.uk/news/schoolnews/story/4112).. Read More

Commonwealth War Graves Commission02-Dec-2013

Hungry for History is outlined in the December issue (http://newsletters.wizontheweb.co.uk/t/ViewEmail/r/AE702B5844F054A32540EF23F30FEDED/51E36DC57CD6D9C6A0F01D70678E0DEE) of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Newsletter.. Read More

Isle of Thanet Gazette29-Nov-2013

Launch of Hungry for History Campaign (http://www.thanetgazette.co.uk/Broadstairs-Wellesley-House-School-shares-history/story-20239796-detail/story.html).. Read More

News Release: Hungry for History Launch27-Nov-2013

NEWS RELEASE: 27 November 2013 APPETITE FOR HISTORY BEING FED BY NEW NATIONWIDE SCHOOLS CAMPAIGN A group of schools has teamed up as ‘Lead Ambassadors’, including Wellesley House, Harrow, Wellington College, Uppingham and The King’s School, Canterbury, to help coordinate a new collaborative venture for all schools nationwid.. Read More

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